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Egyptian Baladi Dress Part 5

I’ve finally finished all the beading on the neckline. It was a lot of work but I think it was worth it, the finished piece is really effective.
Pinning neckline to dress
Next was to attach the neckline to the dress. I started by pinning the neckline to the dress while on a dress former to make sure it was stretched slightly.

Turning under the edge all the way round the neckline, pinning as I went.

Stitching neckline to dress inside

Then I slip stitched all around the inner edge, making sure that the fabric was smooth and turned under enough not to be seen from the outside.

In the centre front I stitched two lots of bugle beads between the two sides to maintain a certain spacing while still being open.


Stitching outside neckline to dress

With the dress back on the former I pinned the outside edge of the neckline and again invisibly hand stitched under the edge.

The last finishing touches are to stitch the arm holes, hem and side seams.

Egyptian Baladi Dress Part 4

I’ll include a few images of my progress on the beading as this is going to take a while – but hopefully over time this collection of images should give a really nice overview of the progress.

Egyptian Baladi Dress Part 3

Blue and Gold Beading

Begun the beading this week, and have just realised how long this is actually likely to take!

I started with the gold edging and then went on to a bit of the blue bugles and sequins. It seems to keep up the momentum and enthusiasm if I change section every so often – but I am really enjoying it.
Neckline Beading

I think I’ll outline the scallop sections next so that it will give me an idea of how the shapes will look once there filled in.

Egyptian Baladi Dress Part 2

Baladi Dress

I surprisingly found the perfect fabric quite quickly, a 2 way stretch velvet in a beautiful dark royal blue. The main dress was easy to constuct as it only needed at little shaping and it stretches to fit.
The neckline where the beading is to go was a little more difficult as the shape was made out of paper to start with and then the fabric cut out and stiffened to made sure it doesn’t shift with the weight of the bead work.

Once the beading is complete I’ll pin the neckline to the dress and cut away the excess fabric around the neck.

Getting onto the beading now! I think this will be a mammoth job.

Egyptian Baladi Dress Part 1

Baladi Dress
I recently attended Add Sparkle to you Dance workshops with Kay Taylor in Cardigan, during which she covered – including many other things, some arm movements and positions for Baladi style Bellydance (Baladi is not normally my thing as I’m definitely a tribal girl). But while dancing this gave me an idea for a new costume.
The inspiration is a Baladi style dress taking some influence from ancient Egyptian jewelery and designs without it being overly obvious.
I’m not a great fan of Lycra fabrics as most Baladi dresses seem to be made of, so decided that I’d go with a rich stretch velvet in a dark royal blue – with dark blue, gold, red and possible turquoise beading.

I decided that I would bead the neckline and then work out if I wanted a belt as well, because the neckline may be enough without the belt. Next I’ll tackle the shaping and pattern for the neckline.