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Autumn Corset

I used the material I made in the tutorial how to use “Water soluble material” to make an Autumn Corset.

I decided to use the embroidered material for the bust section, and the main fabric for the corset is a lovely rusty coloured taffeta edged in a plain brown cotton. The corset has boning to give it more shape, encased in orange ribbon.

Just the eyelets to put in now!

Striped wide Harem Pants Part 1

I had some lovely harem pants from Nomad clothing and was gutted when they stopped selling them, so I decided that I should take a pattern from them and make my own.

I first layed out the original pants and found they could be easily converted into a flat pattern.

This gave me a rough guide to start cutting the pattern. With a few tweaks, adding seam allowances and sectioning the back and front to cut separately as they are the same shape, I had a usable pattern to cut the fabric.

Cutting Out

I used folded the fabric at an angle, bottom corner to top raw edge so that when the two pieces were cut the stripes would go diagonally around the body instead of straight down.
I then stitched the bottom and side seams, remembering to leave a gap for the ankles ensuring this gap is wide enough for the feet to go through (I forgot to make mine big enough the first time).